Greek Religion

The ancient Greeks believed in lots of gods and goddesses, infact most of their religon is revolved around their beliefs in the gods. All the gods and goddesses were important to them and they each had there different stories about how their personallity and the different powers that they had. For the Greeks the rise of the gods all started when Cronus a Titan married his sister Rhea and they had five kids...

Hades Hades - (god of the underworld)

In old greek mythology hades seems to be gloomy and misty. he is gloomy and down because he is ruler of all the dead. the only way to enter the underworld was to be dead and to cross the river, to cross the river you need to pay the boatman charon.
mount olympus

Hera - (goddess of marriage)

In greek religion Hera was one of the many gods who had been swallowed by her father Cronus. Hera is known for her jealous nature. hera is the enemy and stepmother of the hero heracules. Hera takes part in many mythology stories.

Demeter - (goddess of harvest)

Demeter is seen as the goddess who is the bringer of seasons. demeters equal in Roman is called ceres. from which the word "cereal" comes from. Demeter told man the art of agriculture, harvesting, sowing seeds, and ploughing. she is the daughter of Rhea and Cronus.

Hestia - (greek goddess of sacred fire)

Hestia is one of the three great gods. that was in the first olympian creation. the hearth in a roman or greek household was not allowed to go out unless it was ritually put out and ritually restored. Hestia is in few greek mythology tales and stories. there is a theories that hestia was the most ancient god of all out of all who was later worship as olypmpians.

Poseidon - (god of the sea)

Poseidon is a rather tempered god, when he is angry, he can trig earthquakes and storms. Men who are going out to sea often drown horses for good luck. Poseidon was the son of Cronus and Rhea. He was swallowed whole by his father at a young age, and was later rescued by his younger brother, Zeus. The symbols associated with Poseidon include: dolphins, tridents, and three-pronged fish spears.

Artemis-(goddess of hunt and the wild or the forest and hills)

Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and is also the twin sister of Apollo. when Artemis was born she helped her mother (Leto) give birth to her twin sister Apollo. there are many stories and myths containing Artemis, such as the myth Artemis and Acteon. in this myth Artemis is bathing in a vale, and Acteon saw her. Acteon hid behind some bushes to spy on her while she was still bathing, and when she found out she turned him into a stag. he then got killed by his own hounds.

Apollo-(god of sun and music, twin of Artemis)

Apollo is usually seen as the god of light, truth, music, arts, prophecy, sun, healing, poetry, medicine, and archery. Apllo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and also the twin sister of Artemis. He was a oracle god, his most common attribute was the bow and arrow. other attributes were plectum, and sword. Apollo's sacred animals were the wolves, dolphins, roe deer, swans, hawks, ravens, crows and snakes.

Eris-(goddess of strife, discord, contention, and rivarly)

She was daughter of Zeus and Hera
Eris tossing the Golden Apple
Eris tossing the Golden Apple
, and sister of Ares(god of war). Eris was the sister of Ares so thats why she got these bad qualities. she haunted the battlefield and wanted human bloodshed. Eris type of nature led to problems. one of these problems was that she was not invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. she turned up anyways, being not allowed in to wedding she got enraged. she threw a golden apple into the middle of all the goddess saying "To the fairest!". Three goddess tried to claim it, but their actions led to the trojan war.

Aphrodite-(goddess of love and beauty, protected sailors)

The animals sacred to her are Dove, Swan, Sparrow, and Myrtle. Aphrodite actually had her own festival called Aphrodisiac this festival is celebrated all over greece, but mainly in only two countires Athens and Corinth. in ancient myths a man could fall in love with Aphrodite just by looking into her eyes. Zeus could and would kill anyman that would come near Ahprodite because he loved her so much.

Athena-(goddess of wisdom and war)

Athena has a shield with medusa head on it, and is often showed helmeted. Athena is a warrior goddess and is lots myths viewed as a helper to many greek hereos. Athena was born my being inside her mother(Metis). Zeus swallowed her. Metis looked after Athena. Athena then came out of Zeus's forehead, from causing such a headache. Athena is in lots of myths, one of these myths explains how the spider became. there was a woman called Arachne who said she was better then Athena at weaving tapestry. in the end Athena gets angry and turns Arachne into a spider.

Hermes-(messenger, took souls to the underworld and was a trickster)

Hermes is a messenger who delivers messages between mortal and imortal worlds. he also helps
lers. Hermes will sometime be told as a thief. he wears shoes with wings so he can come and go freely between worlds. he also helps souls down to the underworld. many greeks would sacrifice to Hermes before going on a trip to have a good journey.

Hephaestus-(god of blacksmiths)

His borther was Ares(god of war) were the sons of Hera. since Hephaestus was the god of blacksmiths he made the gods weapons. he worked with the cyclops. in one of the myths he stole fire to help the humans when the were created. hephaestus was ugly and cripple at birth. some think the he could have been crippled because Zeus had threw him from Olympus. Hephaestus got revenge on his mother(hera) by creating a golden throne for her, which when she sat on it she couldn't get off or up.

here are two videos about gods and goddess, and one about greek religion.

  • Greek people believed in many gods and goddess, they also had lots of stories which included gods and goddess.
  • These stories explained many things greeks wondered about space and creation of the universe
  • Greeks created temples for gods they thought were most powerful
  • Greeks made sacrifices for the gods to please them
  • Myths were a important part of greek religion.
  • Many of the Myths were about natural phenomena, such as day turned into night, why seasons changed, and how the world began.
  • Followed strict rules about burying people
  • They beleived this was essencial to make sure the persons soul went to the underworld
  • Without a proper funeral soul would be lost forever
  • The animals they use in the sacrifices are sheep, cows, goats, pigs, and bulls

The Ancient Greeks believed in lots of gods and goddesses, infact most of their religon is revovled around the gods. All the gods were important to them and they all had their own stories that include their personallitys and their powers. For the Greeks the gods all started when a Titan Cronus married his sister Rhea and had five children they were Poesiden God of sea and earthquakes, Hades God of the under world, Hera Goddess of marriage, Hestia Goddess of sacred fiwas going to havere and Demeter Goddess of harvest. But when the kids were Cronus took them away and swallowed them whole. When Rhea had her sixth child Zeus she hid him away to save him from his evil father. Instead of giving him Zeus to swallw Rhea gave him a stone and after a long time Zeus came back and made Cronus throwup his other children. When the the other gods came out of Cronus they were fully grown

Religon of the Dead

Greek people had many ways in burying or having things to remember the people that died that they loved. Many of these ways was to keep a marker in the ground. A marker would look like this one to the left, but the greeks also had another kind of marker. This other kind of marker would look like a lion in order
greece marker
greece marker
to represent that the person the died was a fighter or hero. Another way the greeks used to do this was to keep the ashes of a person who has died inside a hydria. Greek people had so many ways to remember dead people. Sometimes greek people would take their own bathtubs and use them as coffins, they used their bathtubs or coffins as a way to make sure the deceased person could get across the sea of the underworld. To make sure that the decesed would get to the underworld the ancient greeks would put two coins over the persons eyes, so that they could pay the boatman Charon, to ship them to hades lair, or another way they made sure the person got the money is was they put a coin under the tongue.


The Greek people made huge temples for the most powerful gods to try and keep them happy and not put any disasters on their land. These temples would usually be made out of solid stone and would have a statue of the god inside the temple. These temples were something like a home to the gods that the greek people made. The people of villages and towns would come to these temples to bring gifts and sacrifices for the gods these gifts include wine food and other delectibles, but for people who had specialties like artists and metal workers they would bring something special that they had made like a peice of pottery or weapns. The people would also make sacrifices to the gods to try and please them and
Temple of one of the Gods
Temple of one of the Gods
so that they would not get angry. They also sacrificed animals to the gods the types of animals were sheep, goats, pigs, cows and bulls.

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus was where the gods were blieved to live and where they ruled over earth. Zeus was the king and high ruler over mount Olymus and would fix things if there was a fight or argument over the gods. The gods were like a big family with Zeus as the head. Mortals were strictly forbidden on Mount Olympus without special permission from the gods and that was very rare. Zeus, Hera, Poesiden, Hades, Demeter, and Hestia were the main gods on mount Olympus but there were more to follow them, some of these gods were Apollo, Artimis, Eris, Aphrodite, Athena, Hernes, Hephaestus they all lived on mount Olympus. Mount Olympus was high in the mountains and was protected by golden gates. On mount Olympus the gods partied and looked over earth to make sure that everthing was runni
mount olympus
ng according to the plan and that nobody dified the rulety.

Myths of Ancient Greeks

There are many great stories and Myths about the greek religion, most of them were about the gods and there atories but they were about natural phenomena. These were about how the world is what it is. For example in one myth Demeters daughter Persephone got tricked by Hades so that she had to stay with him in the underworld for half a year and then she could go to her mother for the other half. This explains the change of seasons since Demeter is yhe goddess of the harvest when her daughter is with Hades she is very sad and lonely and she makes the world cold and dark and that is what we call fall and winter, and when Persephone comes home to her she is happy and the trees turn green and the flowers glow different colours and that is what we call Summer and Spring. Also in the myths it shows how dark turns to light when the Sun god Apollo pulls the sun chariot over the sky and why it is always a desert in some places of the world because Apllos sun pulled the chriot and didn't do it right so Zeus struck him down with a thunderbolt. There are so many myths that I can't even mention them all but they include how the world began and why there are earthquakes and tsunamis.