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My partner and I are doing our wiki on the ancient greek military. We are covering such topics as the weapons they used, their enemies, the soldiers and their armour, the greek military camps, the persians, and finally, the athenians. We have learned many things about the Greek military, such as: How they made their sheilds out of closely woven twigs. The greeks have fought many battles and often had wars within their own country, such as the athenians against the spartans. We agree that the Spartans in our opinion were the strongest of all the greek soldiers.

Greek hoplite
Greek hoplite

The Greeks used bow and arrows on some occassions, and usually had thin armour judging from some of the pictures I saw ( the hoplites that is). Like them, the Ephebe weilding thin body armour would throw six to ten foot long spears at their enemies. Like most soldiers in that era, they used an iron sword in a direct battle with a soldier. To defend themselves, they used sheilds called an aspis, these were made from closely woven twigs.Aspis' were often incorectly called hoplons, but that is actually the name for the armour a hoplite wears. Other common weapons include stones they shot from slings, and sharp daggers.


The greeks had many opponents and enemies. The worst wars fought in greece included the Athenians against the Spartans, or the Persians. Neither the Athenian army, nor the Spartan army could defeat the other. Sometimes battles were fought inside cities, such as battles against the slave and the master. The Spartans and the Persians would attack the cities by crossing the Aegean sea.


The soldiers

Wealthy cities paid visitors from foreign cities to fight in their wars. As a citizen, it was your duty to defend your homeland. If you had money, you had to supply your own horse, armour, and weapons. Commonners borrowed them from stores and shops. The officers climbed on chariots to shout commands to the soldiers on the battle field. One of the most famous greek army was the Spartan army. The Spartan army was pronounced immortal because it had a constant number of ten-thousand soldiers. This was done by replacing soldiers as they were killed by soldiers left out of the battle until they were needed. The soldiers are lead by two kings during battle, and rather than assuming a circular formation, they assume one large single file line. Also, the spartan soldiers are so called fearless soldiers because they'd rather die than back down. Another type of soldier was soldier was the hoplite. The hoplite was a citizen, and was armed with a spear, sword, and sheild. They wore a helmet, body armour, and greaves. The Greek army almost always prayed to the Greek god of war Apollo, for advice and help. One of the most famous Greek soldier was named Achilles.

Spartan Soldier
Spartan Soldier

Military camp

Greece had many armies, but the best were the spartans. They were taken from their families at age 7, and put into military camps. They trained there until they were thirty years of age. They slept on wooded boards, and they had the repetitive diet of poridge. The boys and teachers were taught to hide their emotions and mock the weak children. Even worse, they were taught to plunder the temples, and steal from others at a regular basis. Although it was extremely harsh and cruel, it trained them to back down from nothing.

The Persians

The persians were a mighty army that fought with the greeks on many occasions. The persian empire was completely governed by one king. Cyrus The Great was involved in the conquering of several greek cities. He and his army crossed the Aegean sea to face the Athenians. Unfortunately for him, the greeks won the battle and were safe at the time.

The Athenians

The Athenians did barely anything to prepare for a future attacks from the spartans and persians.
Finally, General Themistocles used the newly aquired load of silver to build war ships to sail out to battle.