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By Zach, and Alex .B.

Introduction to Ancient Greek Technology:
For thousands of years ancient Greek's were more advanced in technology. They invented and discovered many useful things and techniques to make their lives easier. Their technology was life and labor saving and most often included simple machines. The ancient Greek's invented more than technology used for working and making lives easier,
but they were the first to study human anatomy and the first do develop cures for certain illness's. The Greek's are known for their scientists, myths, food and of course, technology
Ancient Greek philosopher
Ancient Greek philosopher

The First Inventions:

Ancient Greeks invented so many of the simple machines we have today like the gear, the crane, and the crossbow. The crane was invented in 515bc by the ancient Greeks to save labor and allow the work of small efficient work teams on construction sites.
List of Ancient Greek inventions-
-Cranes (A device that saves long hours of work to lift heavy objects)
A modern day gear
A modern day gear

-Screws (A simple machine with a spiral running down a straight piece of metal)
-Gears (Created for useful purposes and for leverage)------------------------------------------->
-Organs (Not the ones inside your body)
-Odometers (Measures the speed of how fast you are going, most often in automobiles)
-Wheelbarrows (simple technology with a wheel and can hold objects and reducing work load)
-Diving bells (underwater rescue vessels)
-Parchment (fur or paper used to write on)
-Crossbows (a weapon with a sharp arrow and a strong lever)
-Showers (used for hygiene, with water coming out of of a faucet)
-Roof tiles (put on the roof of houses to stop water etc. from coming in)

-Cannon (Weapons made possible by compressed air)
-Air and water pumps
-Levers (where used to lift heavy objects with less amount of force)
-Catapult -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

The Greeks also invented weapons, but not the weapons we would used to day like a gun. They used much simpler weapons such as the spear, knives, catapult shields and armour. The knives and end of spears were made of metal and the handals were made of wood. The shields to were made of metal and wood but the armour was mostly metal. With there skill, technology and power they took over most of Europe.

Great Inventions
When you think of new technology you think of electricity and automatic doors, but the first automatic door was not powered by electricity but by heat. It was also invented by the Greeks. They also made roads that spread all a cross Europe because they used to control most of it. The inventions that they used where used for the same reason as we use ours, to make there lives easier. The ancient Greek calender was made up with many gears and measures the location of the sun and the moon to say precisely what time of year and what time of day it is, this fantastic "calender like" technology is called the Antikythera. It could say when there are going to be eclipses and some people say it may have "represented the motions of planets"

The Antikythera
The Antikythera

The Antikythera revealed

The Discovery of Static Electricity
In 600bc a man named Thales, who was both scientist and mathematician found out that when rubbing an amber and cat fur together the amber would lift up a feather. This was the first discovery of static electricity, and one of the first discoveries of a natural force. Static electricity is when a material holds an electric charge. This was a massive discovery and without it a lot of things would not have happened.

Using Simple Machines
The Greeks even though they were advanced at there time we are now are much more advanced. So if they didn’t have electricity how could they of built great building and empires. They made them by using simple machines. Some these simple machines and technology was the wheel barrow, levers and cranes. The wheel barrow was a sort of big hallow container with a wheel at the front and a two pieces of wood to push it. Levers and cranes were used to raise heavy objects with little amount of strength.

Ancient Wheelbarrow
Ancient Wheelbarrow

Greek Medicine

When you think of technology, you normally think of Computer's, TV's, camera's or iPods. When you think of Ancient technology, you think of a lot of thing's on this page but technology also includes a very important thing that we still have today, medicine. The Ancient Greeks were the first to discover the idea of making formulas to get rid of and treat dieses, sickness or even injury. They were also the first to study the human anatomy. But In those day's they taught that the human body contained four elements, fire, earth, water and air (also called humours) and the doctors could cure sickness by the different humours in people. Each humour was either related to black bile, phlegm, blood and yellow bile. For example if someone was bleeding, that represented fire, so they would put water and clothes on it because fire is put out with water and can be made smaller by putting a cloth over it (if it is small). This idea was called Essentialism and it is how the Greek's got through illness and injury for a very long time and it seemed to have worked. Essentialism could be one of the best idea's the Greek's have thought of.

The Ancient Greek's were fantastic at inventing and discovering brand new technologies. They discovered cures for desiese and even static electricity. They worked hard for some things and others happened by complete fluke but the point is that they made the world what it is today. For all we know if we had not had the ancient Greek's we may never have had medicine, automatic doors, wheelbarrow's or any other simple machine's. Of course the greek's were famous for much more than technology such as food, art and myth but technology is, in my opinion the most important. Imagine a world without any simple machines, electricity, cures for dieses or measurement, that could have been our world if there had not been any such thing as ancient Greek's. We owe it to them for making this world as great a place as it is, in the world of technology.

greece map
greece map


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