Mesopotamian Religion
Odessey Online : Has good information on legends and has photos of religious tools.
The Britsh Museum : Has great information about gods, godesses, legends, and monsters.
Ancient History : Has many legends.
Mesopotamian Military
Wikipedia of Mesopotamia: Contains everything about Mesopotamia. All resources are reliable. This site contains information on music. It inlcudes instruments and other facts and details. This site says a lot of about jewellery, ti includes what they used, what they made and more. : has info on the armies and the kings. This site has informationand pictures on the Ziggurat, it was a big help. : also has excellent info of the armies. : has info on many power forces.

Mesopotamian Fashion

Queen Puabi-This site has information on Queen Puabi, her jewellery and ancient Mesopotamia.
Agate-This site has information on the stone agate which was one of the stones Mesopotamians used to make jewellery.
Clothing-This site gives information about Mesopotamian clothing. is a great website with lots of good information. This website has some interesting information about Jewelry and hair. website has some great information about Jewelry and some nice pictures as well

Mesopotaiman Foods and Festivals

****: This website has some information on 'Akitu' festival This website has lots of information on Mesopotamian people/land

Mesopotamian Music and Art - this is a great site, considering Ms.Wilson put it up. - I learned about the dragon of marduk from this and got a picture - this taught me alot about the hanging gardens of babylon