Ancient **Mesopotamian** Religion!

By Spencer Payne and Thomas Chan


Mesopotamia was between two rivers. There were many nations and gods in Mesopotamia. The nations were all worshiping the same things so they had many of the same god powers and the gods were of the same things. In this wiki there will be an example of a legend, their beliefs, gods, and our bibliography.


Birdman Zu is captured trying to steal some tablets
What the people belived in and some facts about it.
The Gods
A list of all the gods and some facts about them.
Maps and Pictures
Some maps and pictures

Legend (Example)

There are many legends in Mesopotamia. The legends are usually written on cylinders. One legend is of Birdman Zu.He atempted to obtain the tablets of destiny. This would give him control over the gods. When he failed he was brought for judgement by a group of minor gods. Here are pictures that depict what happened.

external image imprthmb.jpgexternal image 00099452_000.jpg
The water god. He has a river flowing from each shoulder.
Water and fish are his symbol.


In Mesopotamia, each town and city was believed to be protected by its own, unique deity or god. Gods wore crowns and headdresses. They all had symbols. An example is a crescent in a circle for Sin the moon god. The people of Mesopotamia had very many gods, called dingir in Sumerian. The temple, as the center of worship, was also the center of every city. Every single city had its own patron god or goddess who owned everything and everyone in the city. In Mesopotamia the people looked to religion to answer their questions about life and death, good and evil, and the forces of nature. The dingir followed themes, or divine laws, that governed the universe. The Sumerians believed in divine order, that is, everything that occurs is preplanned by the gods. The gods were supposed to control everything. The people sang, made prayers, and sacrifices. The preists said they could talk to the gods. This made them almost as influential as kings.
In Mesopotamia, they believed in many gods. They belived that the gods created the world and all the people and animals in it. The gods that the Mesopotamians believed in acted like humans, they ate, drank, and looked the same. When there is a flood people believed that one of their gods were very angry. The Mesopotamians gods lived in skies and heaven and ruled over humans on Earth through natural forces. The temples in the city were piramid like. The temple was known as a ziggurat (kind of temple). Ziggurats were in every city and they were filled with preists and worshippers.
figurines of fertility godesses

The Gods

There were many gods and goddesses. Each one defended their city. They are also called deities. An was the god of the sky. He was from E'anna temple in Uruk. Enlil was the god of air and storms. He was from E'kur temple in Nippur. He was portrayed as a human or a snake. Enki was the god of water and rich soil. He was also god of magic, wisdom, and intelligence. He was also known as Ea. He was from E'abzu temple Eridu. Ki was a goddess and was "Mother Earth". She was from E'saggila temple in Eridu. Ashur was the sky god. He was main god of Assyria. Ninlil was the goddess of the south wind or wind in general. She was wife of Enlil. She was from the same place as her husband. Inanna was the goddess of love and war. She was from the E'anna temple in Uruk. Marduk was the deity of light. He was main god of Babylon and Ea's son. He was from E'saggila. Nanna was the god of moon. Utu, was the god of the sun and justice. Niturta is the god of rain, storms, floods, plowing, and thunder. Sin is the god of the moon, like Nanna. Shamash is the god of the sun, like Utu. Sherida was the mother goddess. There are actually many more deities. It is very hard to find them all.

Maps and Pictures

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external image mesopotamia_trade.jpgMesopotamia Tradeexternal image mapane.jpgexternal image mesopotamia.jpgexternal image wingedspirit.jpg

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