a good info about ancient egypt family life. :)

Wikipedia. This is a great site filled with general info about Egypt.

Egyptian Food. - This site is an awesome site with a lot of information on Egyptian food. It's really helpful. - Julia.
Egyptian Food. - This site has some helpful information on ancient Egyptian food. It includes a lot of pictures too! - Julia.
Egyptian Food. - A website with information on ancient Egyptian food and their main drink, beer. - Julia

Egyptian trade: this site is very useful for finding info on egyptian trade. It has lots of great facts!
Egyptian trade: - there is a column about where the egyptian goods came from and went to.
Egyptian trade: this site introduces how ancient egyptian trading happened. It is a generalization of the procedure.
Egyptian trade: has information on Egyptian trade, and what they traded.
Egyptian trade: is a website about ancient Egypt and its trade.
Egyptian trade: and google images have good photographs and pictures for what the Egyptians traded.

Egyptian Religion: This Site is full of things about Religion this site take you to many different things about egyptian religion like the second, this website goes to many different sections of the complex religion.
Egyptian Art:</span> This site has all fact things about Ancient Egyptian Temple and
Egyptian Music- Wikipedia: Art

Egyptian Inventions. This site has alot of inventions invented by the egyptians. Enjoy!

Egyptian Inventions: - These are some interesting facts and inventions by the ancient Egyptians

Egyptian Pyramids: - this site has information about the pyramids

British Museum: A website that has tons of information about everything in Egyptian daily life.

History for kids: A website invented for kids to learn from.

Ancient Egypt Food: A website that explains everything from bread to beer.

Aldokkan Website: Its a website that is amazing, it will be sure to give you some information no matter what sub-catogeory you do.
Guadians website: it is surely to provide information to a variety of areas relating to Ancient Egypt.
Enjoy Grade 7! This a a website filled with information that talks about the rolls of different people in Egypt. I know that it can help people in many ways.
Wikipedia Ancient Egyptian Religion Cold hard facts about Egyptian Religion. Great For Religion. Check it OUT!!