mesopotamia and their Inventions
by: Wesley Strong and Samuel Schmidt
The Mesopotamians lived about six thousand years ago.The Mesopotamians invented alot of thing for life to be more enjoyable and easy. The mesopotamians were very smart because they lived in tough terrain and yet they invented alot of technologie that we still use today. for are every day use like the car math writing wheels and glass By:
The oldest wheel known was found in Mesopotamia dated 3,500 BC. It was made of planks of wood joined together.
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The chariots were one of the wheeled vehicles that the Mesopotamian people invented. with a great civilization they would need to get around places faster than walking. So they made a chariot. It has a platform for someone to stand on with wheels and then either something like a horse or an ox would pull you along. They also would use the chariot to take very important poeple around the city.
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Mesopotamians were smart people. They created the sailboat for getting water from the Tigris and Euphraties Rivers. They aslo used the sailboat to go and fish in the rivers.
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They invented a kind of money system by using clay tokens for trades. Tokens were of diffrent sizes and shapes. The tokens were put into a clay ball with the number of tokens pressed on the outside.
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The mesopotamian invented a type of writing. The writing were pictures not the time of writing we do today.
Most of the writing that the mesopotamias did where pictures they drew were animals and humans. They named writing "Cuneiform" the word Cuneiform ment " wedge shaped". writing was originally made for keeping track of what they bought or sold. Cuniform was writing on a clay tablets with a pointed reed called a stylus
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Seeder Plow
The Mesopotamians also invented the seeder plow, which was at the time a revolutionary innovation. It allowed the farmer to simultaneously plow a field and seed it, drastically reducing the time to plant and increasing crop production.
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The Mesopotamians Invented the first calnder. They used the calandar to see when they should plant their crops and when they should harvest their crops.The solar year was divided into two seasons. The summer included the barley harvest in the second half of May and the winter roughly corresponded with our fall / winter.
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The Mesopotamians where experimenting with ways to count, measure and
solve mathematical problems. They were the first people to give place values to numbers. They were first to recognize the concept of zero.

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The shaduf is a structure that helps transport water from a river or lake into a ditch or canal. On one end there is a large rock, which acts as a weight, and on the other is a bucket. The weight balances out the weight of the water in the bucket so it is effortless to move. The bucket dips into the water, then a person rotates the Shaduf so its over a ditch and then they dump the water into the ditch. The water falls into the ditch and is directed to the needed area.(written by blake)
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One day some sailors were going to go ashore to rest and cook something to eat. They gathered some wood and started a fire. They were on a beach so the wood and the fire were on top of sand. Surprisingly, the sand under the fire started to melt and this liquid started to run doun. After it cooled, it hardened and turned into a clear hard object. The Mesopotamians used the glass for art and initially they didnt use the glass for drinking out of. After the Mesopotamans discovered glass they started to use the glass for more high tech weapons sutch as dagers, spears and chariots.

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The Mesopotamians invented a lot of things that we still use today. But we have just improved them a bit more. We have improved the wheel by using rubber tires for wheels instead of wooden wheels that get worn down faster. Also we have improved the sailboat. Instead of wind powered sailboats we have motor boats that don't have to rely on the wind. We are thankful for all the great inventions that the Mesopotamians made. Our lives are so much easier because of them.
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book _Ancient Worlds by Arnold Toutant and Susan Doyle Oxford University Press New York Images/fishing-boat2.jpg