Mesopotamia Family Life By: Laura


Mesopotamia was filled with excitement. If you were rich, your life was great, but if you were poor, you were almost like a slave. The rich got treated like royalty and were allowed to learn to read and write. Also, there was much more to life other than what your status was, there were weddings, burials, school and much more.


Women in Mesopotamian were not treated the same as men. Though the women were treated unfairly, they still had rights. They could go to the market, sell goods, buy goods, deal with legal issues, run their own businesses and own property. Women of royalty were the only women allowed to learn how to read and to write.


In Mesopotamia, the rich people lived in big houses and the poor lived in small houses. Also, most houses in Mesopotamia shared walls. There was a little amount of building supply, like stone and wood, so they built their houses out of sun-dried bricks. An average house in Mesopotamia was three or four floors. The first floor was a courtyard, the second and third were living spaces and the fourth a roof. When the city grew it was obvious that the city moved into two sections; the poor part and the wealthy part.

Class of People

Priests were the people that made sure that the people of the town behaved in an orderly matter to make sure the gods were kept happy. They were also the doctors of the town. Upper class men and women wore lots of jewellery. Men wore skirts and women wore dresses. The lower class people had to work for money to live. The lower class may not have had luxury, but they were comfortable. They followed the fashion and jewellery, but the non expensive kind. Slaves were paid very little. They were bought and sold to work for royalty, such as the king.

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